• Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    symptoms of food allergy in dogs
    Dog Allergies Part 3: Foods

    I’ve been writing about allergies and your Morkie. There are 3 main causes of allergies: inhalants – stuff your dog breathes. This is by far the biggest cause of your Morkie’s suffering. Read more. fleas – they’re annoying and horrible at the best of times. But if your Morkie is actually ALLERGIC to that flea bite, […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    flea circus
    Dog Allergies Part 2: Flea allergy

      Fleas can drive dogs crazy – especially if they’re allergic to them.  The infected dog will  scratch, bite, lick and rub his body on the ground, damaging the itchy skin more and removing lots of hair. In my last post I wrote about dogs with inhalant allergies. This is the most common kind of allergy, […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    allergies and dogs
    Dog allergies 1: inhalants

    Your Morkie can be affected by three main types of allergies: inhalants fleas food   Inhalants – stuff you breath in – are the most common causes of allergies in small dogs. There are hundreds and hundreds of bits floating through the air by every day. When people have an allergy to something they breath […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    airline approved pet carriers
    Fabulous small dog carrier

    Bubble Backpacks! These carriers really caught my eye. When I tried one out, my normally “challenging” little diva loved it. The cool feature is the bubble window. Thanks to this transparent bubble, your Morkie can look all around, and I think this keeps him calmer. Plus that window can be swapped out for a mesh one, or […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    morkie having a bath
    Can I use my shampoo on my dog?

      You might be enjoying some time off right now, and think you’ll give your Morkie a bath. Two really important things to remember: you can’t use your shampoo (not even baby shampoo) please – get dog shampoo that’s “Certified Organic” Why the fuss? Simple – a dog’s skin is much thinner than our’s, so […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    rabies shot
    WOW – 65 ways rabies vaccinations harm dogs!

    That’s a LOT of negatives about the rabies vaccination. A highly reliable website, just ran an article about the countless ways rabies vaccination can harm your dog – often permanently.   But what can you do? You want to keep your precious Morkie safe, plus rabies vaccinations are THE LAW. Aren’t they? Yes, in […]

  • Morkie Fun & Games
    Getting a great picture of your Morkie

    Here are 10 ways to make your Morkie photos better and more interesting. Take lots and lots of pictures – for every 100 shots you take, expect to get 2 or 3 great ones. Pick a time when he’s relaxed, even tired out. Take pictures of your Morkie in his natural surroundings. If your Morkie spends all […]

  • Morkie Fun & Games
    morkie calendar
    Make a Morkie calendar

    Timing is right to put together a 12 month Morkie calendar. Pick 12 good, horizontal shots of your Morkie. Ideally some or all will be seasonal. Cropping your photos Here’s a short summary of one of the best-known rules of photography or painting: The Law of Thirds. The basic principle behind the rule of thirds is — […]

  • Morkie Fun & Games
    Morkie pictures
    Showing off your Morkie pix

    If you’re a dog lover like me, you’ve probably taken dozens of pictures of your beloved Morkie. But where are those cute pictures now? Are they stashed away in a drawer or shoebox, gathering dust? Or buried on your hard drive, inside a folder, inside a folder, never to be found? Don’t let those adorable […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    morkie factoids

    All dogs need dental care but especially little ones like Morkies. Their teeth are jammed together so food, plaque and tartar gather. Eventually that causes painful loose teeth, abscesses and failing teeth. So while you’re brushing your Morkie’s teeth here are some dental factoids to ponder. How many teeth do dogs have? We have 32 […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    dog ear problems
    How do I clean my Morkie’s ears?

    If your Morkie’s ears are itchy or if the ear canal has waxy, brownish gunk in it, they need cleaning. Wax debris can build up, and in the warm, dark environment of the ear canal, all sorts of nasty things can grow including a yeast infection or bacteria. Ear infections are the number one cause of […]

  • Crimes against dogs
    dog theft
    Dognappers and other Dirtbags

    In Toronto, Canada there have been two shocking dognapping crimes within days. What can we learn from them to help us protect our Morkies?   Incident #1 4 thugs on bikes stole a small dog from the owner at knifepoint in a North York park on November 15th. Police say a man was walking his dog […]

  • About Morkies - Morkie information
    tail chasing
    Why does my Morkie chase her tail?

    Does your Morkie chase his tail? Dogs will chase their tails now and then out of sheer boredom. Puppies often do it until they realize that the tail they’re chasing, is actually attached! But if it gets excessive, there are a number of root causes you’ll want to explore. Here they are, along with solutions. […]

  • Morkie Fun & Games
    Travelling with your dog
    Traveling with your Morkie

    Going on holidays? Good news, you don’t have to leave your dog at home. More and more hotels are welcoming four-legged guests and you can even choose from a wide variety of canine-centered vacation adventures. This post offers some tips about taking your Morkie on vacation with you. How do I find pet-friendly hotels? All major chains […]

  • Morkie Care: What You Need to Know
    My morkie has diarrhea
    The top causes of puppy diarrhea

    Diarrhea in young puppies can be concerning — they’re so small, it’s easy for them to become dangerously dehydrated, quickly. If your puppy has diarrhea, keep a close eye on him, and don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian for help, especially if it has lasted 24 hours. Your Morkie’s life could be at risk. Main causes […]

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