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Morkie and the United States Flag

Avoid “July 4th Dogs” syndrome

Did you know that July 4th is THE number one day for lost dogs? Fireworks are the reason; dogs really, really hate them! They will try to run off and find…


Killer mats!

Sometimes you wonder just how the people at the Humane society do it… recent example – a dog was brought in who was so matted that the mats in his…


Moving with your Morkie

It’s moving day and you’re absolutely exhausted… what about your pets?  How can you make a household move less stressful for them too? Start off by planning right: verify one…

Hot asphalt awareness

Hot asphalt awareness

We know that cars get too hot for animals very quickly… but don’t forget asphalt! How to quickly tell if the pavement is too hot for paws?  Press the back…

Morkie with lots of toothbrushes

Dog teeth cleaning for your Morkie

Does anyone REALLY brush their dog’s teeth? Well apparently they don’t according to a recent survey, despite the fact that we all know it’s a good idea. In fact if…

Ear problems in Morkies

Dealing with the Dog Ear Infection

An ear infection for your Morkie is not fun for either of you; and the bad news is, the more often your Morkie gets infections, the more susceptible he is…

Dog vaccinations book

Corona Vaccine for your Morkie?

Vaccinations – for people AND pets – have wiped out some serious diseases around the world — diphtheria, polio, whooping cough and measles to name a few, along with rabies. In fact, since the 1900s,…

Can dogs eat grapes

Can dogs eat grapes?

Grapes? Raisins? Noooooo! Scientists aren’t sure WHY, but they do advise that both can be poisonous to your Morkie (or any dog). Since Morkies are so small, even a couple…

Best dog insurance

Is Pet Insurance Worth it?

If you’re hit with big medical bills for your Morkie you basically have four choices: What is pet insurance? Dog insurance is a service that will help you plan for…

From TMZ.com

OMG Australia wants to kill Yorkies!

Luckily, Johnny Depp’s two Yorkies, Pistol and Boo, did in fact bugger off out today before Australia’s Minister of Agriculture had a chance to exercise his threat: euthanasia! Agriculture Minister Barnaby…