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can you use human shampoo on dogs

Is baby shampoo OK as Dog Shampoo?

IS HUMAN SHAMPOO SAFE FOR DOGS? This is a question I hear quite often and the short answer is NO. Although it’s ok to use in a pinch, dog shampoo…

Morkies and lawns

Lawn Chemicals and Your Morkie

Perfect lawn: sick Morkie We love our green lawns; last year, pesticides account for more than 32% of lawn and garden supply sales. … that’s nearly two BILLION dollars a…

you've been hacked

Feeling powerless

There’s an old saying, “you can’t control what happens to you… only how to respond.” I kept telling myself that over and over, during the past two months, as I…


Ear problems and your Morkie

Does your Morkie have an ear infection? Common symptoms are shaking the head, or rubbing his head along the ground obsessively; bad smell from the ears; outer ear is inflamed…

vet with yorkie puppy and little girl

Find a Vet for your Morkie

Your Veterinarian can literally be a lifesaver for your Morkie, and a tremendous resource for you. Take the time to find one whose style meshes with yours and who has…