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puppy mill rescue

Lonely, sick and cold

That’s life for a puppy mill dog.  Sheer hell. Canada, shame on you!  We like to think that these mills are all ‘down south’ in the U.S.A. somewhere and we…

Reverse sneezing!

Does your Morkie do a crazy thing called a reverse sneeze?  It can sound like the start of an asthma attack or choking but it is literally a REVERSE sneeze….

Travelling with your Morkie

Kennel Cough Vaccine – Yes or No?

We had our dog turned away from boarding at the very last minute because he was up to date on all the necessary shots… except Bordatella or Kennel Cough.  Luckily…

Morkie sunburn

Can Morkies get sunburned?

Absolutely! Morkies can get sunburned in the hot, dog days of summer. Puppies, dogs with a thin or clipped coat and dogs with white coats are all very susceptible to…

Should your Morkie sleep in your bed?

4 out of 5 pet owners admit that they share their beds with their pets. Most of us think nothing of it – after all, isn’t this a member of…

Dog watch petcam

The Pet Cube – gimmick or great tool?

Just used the new Petcube for the first time and I must admit, I approached it with some doubts. It just seemed too gimmicky. BUT, my little buddy LOVES it. Pet…

Dog after ice cream

Can dogs eat ice cream?

Tempted to buy your Morkie a kiddy cone? In hot weather, who can blame you, but there are better ways to treat your friend. But instead of people-ice cream, try one…

constipated morkie dog

Is your Morkie constipated?

Constipation’s no fun for anyone, certainly not for your Morkie. Small dog owners are generally more used to dealing with the opposite – bouts of diarrhea – so we don’t…

Morkie and the United States Flag

Avoid “July 4th Dogs” syndrome

Did you know that July 4th is THE number one day for lost dogs? Fireworks are the reason; dogs really, really hate them! They will try to run off and find…

Small dog after being groomed

Killer mats!

Sometimes you wonder just how the people at the Humane society do it… recent example – a dog was brought in who was so matted that the mats in his…