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Woman’s Last Wish: Kill Her Dog And Bury It With Her


Your Morkie and vaccinations

THE worst vaccine for your small dog

Leptospirosis – Lepto – has been call the killer vaccine because it is the #1 cause of serious reactions in small dogs. Small dogs like Morkies should have fewer shots, less often…

Jerky Treats dog deaths
This Morkie loves the snow!

Coprophagia or Poop Eating… why?!

Why why why??  Your adorable little Morkie, Yorkie or Maltese has a dark secret: he eats his own POOP!!! What can you do about it? First, what’s the problem? Eating…

Coconut the Maltese dog

Brave little Maltese Mix looking for a forever home

This brave little Maltese Mix named Coconut, was hit by a car and left for dead. Luckily a good Samaritan brought him to a nearby 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital, where doctors…

Biewer yorkshire terrier sitting with toothbrushes
Morkie puppy waiting to be potty trained
A two-colour Morkie - black and white.

The #1 mistake we make potty training our Morkies

You’ve got a new puppy coming home: how are you going to approach house training? There are a number of different approaches to successfully house training or potty training a Maltese…