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Does your Morkie love you?

Do dogs really love us? Or are they, as some cynics say, just very good suck-ups who know how to get more food, comfort and anything else they want simply…

the morkie bath

Finishing touches when bathing your dog

The last few days we’ve looked at the dog bath: how often should you bathe a dog, what’s the best dog shampoo, homemade dog shampoo and more. Today is the final…


Homemade Dog Shampoo

#3 in a series of 4 about Bathing Your Morkie Yesterday we looked at all the different types of dog shampoos – from medicated, to flea killing and all-natural oatmeal shampoo….

how to give a dog a a bath

Dog Shampoo 101

Yesterday we looked at how to bathe your Morkie; now let’s explore the best (and worst) shampoos for your little dog. First, how often should I bathe my Morkie? If…

PetSmart national adoption weekend

National Adoption Weekend

This weekend – September 11 – 13 – is National Adoption Weekend right across Canada.  This event is sponsored by PetSmart, strong supporters of animal adoption. Not only do they…


Oh oh! It’s DOG BATH time!

Lottsa questions lately from our readers about bathing their Morkie. Like, what’s the best way to give a dog bath; how often should I bathe my dog and and what’s…

how much water should my dog drink copy

How much water should a dog drink?

Just how much water does your Morkie need every day? If you simply leave plenty of fresh water out all day, you’ll find he drinks as much as he needs…

puppy mill rescue

Lonely, sick and cold

That’s life for a puppy mill dog.  Sheer hell. Canada, shame on you!  We like to think that these mills are all ‘down south’ in the U.S.A. somewhere and we…

Reverse sneezing!

Does your Morkie do a crazy thing called a reverse sneeze?  It can sound like the start of an asthma attack or choking but it is literally a REVERSE sneeze….

Travelling with your Morkie

Kennel Cough Vaccine – Yes or No?

We had our dog turned away from boarding at the very last minute because he was up to date on all the necessary shots… except Bordatella or Kennel Cough.  Luckily…