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Dog vaccinations book

Corona Vaccine for your Morkie?

Vaccinations – for people AND pets – have wiped out some serious diseases around the world — diphtheria, polio, whooping cough and measles to name a few, along with rabies. In fact, since the 1900s,…

Can dogs eat grapes

Can dogs eat grapes?

Grapes? Raisins? Noooooo! Scientists aren’t sure WHY, but they do advise that both can be poisonous to your Morkie (or any dog). Since Morkies are so small, even a couple…

Best dog insurance

Is Pet Insurance Worth it?

If you’re hit with big medical bills for your Morkie you basically have four choices: What is pet insurance? Dog insurance is a service that will help you plan for…

From TMZ.com

OMG Australia wants to kill Yorkies!

Luckily, Johnny Depp’s two Yorkies, Pistol and Boo, did in fact bugger off out today before Australia’s Minister of Agriculture had a chance to exercise his threat: euthanasia! Agriculture Minister Barnaby…

Mother Morkie and puppy

Happy Mother’s Day Morkie Lovers!

If you have a Morkie – or any other pet – you know the joy an animal brings into your life. Their unconditional love, 24/7 loyalty and for Morkies –…

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Can my Morkie take aspirin?

By far, the #1 cause of poisoning for cats and dogs is human medications. When a dog is in pain, we’re eager to relieve that pain and medication often comes to…

A hot car is like an oven

Prevent heat stroke

It’s warming up again — time to think about your Morkie and potential heat stroke. Dogs can’t sweat like us – they dissipate a little bit of heat through the…

about Morkies feature pic size.pages

Can I give my Morkie Benadryl?

There are two answers to the question Can I give my Morkie Benadryl? 1.  Yes. 2.  Ask your Vet. Benadryl is an over-the-counter drug used for allergic reactions in people……

Party Dog

Be a humane host at your next party

Great idea from the Winnipeg Humane Society. Next time you’re having a party or other event and someone asks, “what can I bring?” you could say “please bring nothing, however I will be…


Happy Easter Morkie lovers!

Spring is in the air and Easter weekend is on its way.  A couple of things to keep in mind to keep your Morkie safe and happy over the holiday….